Wednesday, May 5, 2010

26 weeks

How far along?: 26 weeks

•Current Weight: 138 (down a pound from last week)

•Total weight gain: 18 pounds. Not too shabby for eating everything in site all day every day.

•How big is baby?: 2.3 pounds, I certainly feel it. I've got an eggplant in there.

•Maternity clothes?: The more the merrier, I love shopping

•Stretch marks?: None, yay. But the buddah is soooo itchy.

•Sleep?: Up all night going pee and then worrying if I'm sleeping ok b/c I wake up with numb hands sometimes from laying on one side so much.

•Movement?: Lots of rolls and flips

•Food cravings?: Watermelon and chocolate pudding, the instant kind from Trader Joe's.

•Labor signs?: Zilch

•Belly button in or out?: Half in and half out.

•What I miss: My toned legs.

•What I'm looking forward to: Celebrating my first Mother's Day (to-be) this Sunday.

•Milestone: Baby's eyes open this week!

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