Sunday, April 25, 2010


Saturday we decided to go check out this huge baby consignment sale about 45 min from out home. We arrived shortly after it had opened, and were immediately taken aback by the huge line that was formed outside the door. We decided that we made the trip so we might as well tough it out in the damp cool weather. We waited in line for an hour and finally were able to enter the facility. We saw people coming out with all sorts of cool things when we were waiting in line. Much to our disappointment what we saw on the inside was a bunch of garbage. Things were dirty, and all the good stuff was gone. We spend about 10 minutes looking around and left extremely bummed!


  1. I am so sorry it was a bummed trip. Was this your first sale to go too?

  2. yes, but I just discovered a big baby consignment store not too far from where I live. So after my showers I will be hitting up some more places.


thanks for the nice comment :-)