Thursday, April 8, 2010

Buddha Belly

This is my view now. Great! I can't even see my cute shoes by just looking down anymore.

B finally felt the baby move on Tuesday night while we were watching LOST. I was actually surprised that he felt it because baby wasn't kicking any harder than usual when he couldn't feel it. Must have been just the right angle. So I then got so excited and utterly giddy with screams and tears that I scared the baby off for the rest of the night!

Last night we were lying in bed and he had his hand on the Buddha and it was cute because both of us said at the same time, "That was one". He felt a couple good ones. I'm so happy that he can feel the baby now, there's something so magical about that.

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  1. Sabinka, look on a bright side. You do not have to spend money on new cute shoes any more (until is over)


thanks for the nice comment :-)