Tuesday, April 27, 2010

25 weeks

So I'm not wearing makeup and look like a freak, but I hope you get a laugh anyways. We went to meet the midwife today and it went great! She is really great and we all hit it off right away. I go in next week for an ultrasound to see if my placenta has moved up yet. If not, no biggie they will recheck at a later date. Baby's heart rate was 144bpm and it was moving like crazy, it actually kicked at the doppler, it was pretty funny.

How far along?: 25 weeks

Current Weight: 139

•Total weight gain:
19 pounds, I am soooo happy with that. I thought it would be way more from all the chocolate I have been inhaling. I'm up just 3 pounds from last month.

•How big is baby?:
about 11 inches and 1 1/4 lbs according to what the website and books say it should be this week.

•Maternity clothes?: Anytime I'm at a store I have to look to see what's new in the maternity section. This mama has to be styling at all times.

Stretch marks?: None, yay. But the buddah is soooo itchy

•Sleep?: Up all night going pee and then worrying if I'm sleeping ok b/c I wake up with numb hands sometimes from laying on one side so much.

Karate chops all day and night. I love it.
•Food cravings?: usually chocolate after lunch but good organic fruit is the best.

•Labor signs?: Zilch

•Belly button in or out?
: It's coming out more and more, especially when I laugh it pokes in and out. It's pretty amusing to watch. Today I just stared and observed my buddah in the mirror for a while and was just in awe of the changes.

•What I miss:
Nothing much really, just a martini.

•What I'm looking forward to
: my ultrasound next week to see if my placenta decided to stop being stubborn and move.

I made it past vitality day (v-day) at 24 weeks, if the baby came early the doctors would do everything they could to save the baby because it is considered viable.

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